Round Table – Timber (1.2m)

There’s a reason King Arthur and his Knights chose to sit at a round table – it implied that everyone who sat was of equal status. Since then, round tables have been a staple at weddings and formal dinners, and our tables are sturdy, secure and easy to move. 1.2m seats 6 people.

Carpet Runner – Black (1.2m x 8m)

Carpet runners are a great way to add some exclusivity to your event. Run it down the hallway or towards the entrance of your marquee, and your guests will know you have a truly special party planned. For something extra special, line the carpet with our red velvet ropes.

Trestle Table – Banquet (2.4m x 1.2m)

trestle table

This banquet table is our biggest trestle table, and a very popular item. It looks splendid with linen, and can comfortably seat 10 – 12 adults. Measuring a whopping 2.4m (long) and 1.2m (wide) it is the ultimate long lunch table. Let your guests graze away………..
For additional stability this trestle comes with 4 legs – not the standard 2.